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Services for Students and Academics

When you want to be sure your work is looking its best, find out how Carrington Editorial's academic proofreading services can give you the peace of mind that everything is just right.


Submit your work with confidence

Proofreading is the final check on your writing before you publish it to your readers. As your proofreader, I will not only check the essentials of spelling, punctuation and grammar, but also point out mistakes in formatting, consistency and style to ensure your writing is the best it can be.

Academic Proofreading: from £30

24-hour priority service also available


Natural, persuasive academic prose

If you're new to academic writing or English isn't your first language, stylistic editing can help you with grammar, expression and structure to ensure your ideas are expressed clearly and effectively.


Stylistic Editing: from £17.50 per 1000 words


Do I need proofreading or stylistic editing? If you're a confident writer who wants a professional check on your work before you submit, ask about proofreading. If you'd like more in-depth help with written expression, stylistic editing is right for you.

Can you help with the content of my essay? No. The research, ideas and argument must be all your own work. I make no guarantees for the accuracy or quality of your work, nor for the grade or mark your work will achieve.

How will I see the changes you make? I use Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature so you can see exactly what I have amended and choose to accept or reject each one. I will use comments to flag issues where I cannot see an immediately obvious solution.

Will you check my references? I will check the formatting and presentation of references and bibliographies, but I will not check the accuracy of any references.

Does this count as my own work? If you are unsure, check with your tutor or supervisor. I am happy to advise them on the services I provide. You must take full responsibility for ensuring you do not contravene any university regulations. 

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